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Chemours creates new division for refrigerants

Alisha Bellezza has been named as president of Chemours’ new Thermal & Specialised Solutions division

USA: Changes at Chemours sees the US chemical manufacturer’s refrigerants business in a new product-focused division, led by Alisha Bellezza.

In addition to its refrigerant interests, the new Thermal & Specialized Solutions (TSS) division (formerly Fluorochemicals) will also include fire suppressants, blowing agents, propellants and solvents. 

The other party in Chemours’ former Fluoroproducts segment – Fluoropolymers – has been renamed Advanced Performance Materials (APM). 

The TSS division will be led by Alisha Bellezza, who was appointed to lead the fluorochemicals business in July last year. Bellezza joined Chemours in May 2015 from FMC Corporation as director of investor relations. Prior to joining the fluorochemicals business, she served as vice president, global sales, commercial operations & supply chain in Titanium Technologies.

Chemours insists that the change will enable an enhanced customer centred approach, management focus and decision-making, strengthened resource allocation, and increased transparency and accountability. 

“Each business will be empowered to maximise its full potential through continued investments in innovation and technology that build on Chemours’ unmatched expertise across both unique product portfolios, leading to strong long-term customer and shareholder value,” a company statement says.

Ed Sparks, the current president of Fluoroproducts, will become president of the Titanium Technologies business from March 1.

“Our Fluoroproducts business includes two highly customer-centred units that serve distinctly different customers with very specific needs,” explained COO Mark Newman. “The decision to divide these new segments will allow us to capitalise on the unique market opportunities addressed by solutions from both units, while creating new growth opportunities for our customers.” 

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