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Ciat takes to the road

FRANCE: Ciat is to take its HVAC solutions on the road, visiting more than 70 cities across three continents over the next nine months.

The Ciat roadshow truck is currently greeting visitors at this week’s ISH 2017 in Frankfurt where visitors are invited to climb aboard and discover Ciat’s latest innovations.

After the show the truck will embark on a 30,000km tour of 20 countries, from Europe to North Africa and Central Europe, including such destinations as Russia and Turkey.

The truck will showcase the ClimaCiat and Floway air handling units, AquaCiat packaged chiller and heat pump, Ereba packaged reversible air/water heat pump, as well as split and multi split air to water heat pump. Also featured are Ciat’s complete range of comfort units, ITEX high energy recovery heat exchangers, magnetic levitation compressor, Smart CiatControl and CiatM2M supervision systems.

“Over the past 18 months, Ciat has transformed its offerings with new products and services. The 2017 International Ciat Tour is a great opportunity to demonstrate our new capabilities and engage with our customers worldwide by bringing our expertise and extensive range solutions directly to their doorstep,” said Atallah Musleh, Ciat’s sales director Europe.

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