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Clivet expands test facilities

ITALY: HVAC equipment manufacturer Clivet has officially opened its new €4m innovation centre at its plant in Feltre, northern Italy.

The facility’s two new test rooms integrate with the existing four medium and large capacity test rooms and further eight test rooms dedicated to residential products.

The new test rooms enable Clivet to carry out an increased number of tests, such as functional, performance, acoustic, vibrational and stress tests. The ambient temperature can be varied from -20°C up to +60°C and the capacity of the units can reach 2.5MW.

The new test rooms are connected, each one being able to operate independently or as a single test room. 

A new 6MW power plant and a 1MW photovoltaic system supports the new laboratory.

“The construction of the new Innovation Center plays a strategic role in our growth plan in Europe, as it allows us to speed up the development process of products (heat pumps from 1 to 1000 kW) and solutions that fully meet the different needs of customers, market trends, new regulations and new European drivers,” said Clivet SpA CEO Stefano Bellò.

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