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Daikin Emura in limited edition finishes

Alcantara-for-DaikinITALY: Daikin’s Emura air conditioner is being sold in a faux leather finish in Italy.

The limited edition Alcantara for Daikin combines the Japanese manufacturer’s residential air conditioner with the patented artificial substitute for suede leather from the Italian creator and manufacturer Alcantara.

Production has been limited to 220 units per year with each panel coated by hand from a choice of 30 different finishes.

“Design, technology and constant pursuit of excellence; these are some of the values ​​that Daikin shares with Alcantara,” said Takayuki Kamekawa, president and CEO of Daikin Italy. It’s a partnership that has led to the creation of a product that has no precedent in the world of air conditioning.”

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