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Daikin MEA factory is Eurovent certified

Air-handling-unit-daikinDUBAI: Daikin’s air handling unit factory in Jebel Ali has gained Eurovent certification.

The manufacturing base was originally established in December 2014 to serve both local and regional markets from GCC, Middle East and Africa. Production moved to its current larger facility in April 2015 where the design and processes mimic those of Daikin’s main air handling factory in Italy.

“While following the design and processes from our factory in Italy, we had access to a wide range of options and best practices in the construction of the units providing our customers with products that have the highest quality,” said Kilian Kelly, regional business director of air-side products at Daikin MEA.

“With the Middle East becoming more concerned with energy efficiency, selecting the Professional series as our preferred product gives our customers access to all the energy efficient features available to Eurovent certified units with a fan array.

“Locating the factory in Jebel Ali has also reduced our lead times, providing our customers with a better service and response time to not only deliver quickly and on time but also provide any additional backup or after sales services they should wish to avail of.”

The factory has also invested in its own testing equipment, allowing the demonstration of compliance to the EN1886 standard for volumetric testing, leakage testing, and mechanical strength testing to their customers.

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