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Daikin R32 reaches the Middle East

Daikin-R32UAE: Daikin has now launched its R32 air conditioning units in the high ambient markets of the Middle East.

Daikin Middle East & Africa, the Japanese manufacturer’s Dubai-based subsidiary, announced the first availability of R32 air conditioners in the region. The units, using the low GWP “mildly flammable” R32 refrigerant, are being promoted as a zero ODP alternative to R22 with a lower global warming impact than R410A.

“The unique combination of R32 and inverter technology in the new Daikin air conditioner range offers end-users the opportunity to benefit from class-leading energy efficiencies, with excellent cooling capacity and high indoor climate comfort, while lowering the environmental impact,” said Sana Hamdani, Daikin Middle East & Africa’s product marketing manager.

The wall-mounted units will be available in cooling only and heat pump versions in capacities of 5.27kW, 7kW and 8.2kW.

By incorporating the best available technologies, these units are said to offer the best nominal and seasonal efficiencies in line with real-life Middle East operating conditions. They are said to be able to achieve EER’s in cooling of up to 13.3 at T1 conditions (35 °C) and up to 8.6 at T3 conditions (46 °C), exceeding the most stringent regulations of the region.

The tropical compressor is also said to be capable of operating fully in extreme weather conditions for at least 52°C.

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