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DuPont fined $531,000 for HCFC leaks

DuPont-Chambers-WorksUSA: DuPont has been fined $531,000 for alleged Clean Air Act violations involving HCFC refrigerants at its chemical manufacturing plant in Deepwater, New Jersey.

The EPA fined DuPont for breaches of regulations related to leakage rates, repairs and reporting of incidents, some dating back 10 years, on two large industrial process refrigeration units and two comfort cooling units. The refrigerants involved were R22 and R124.

In addition to paying $531,000, DuPont corrected the problems in its leak detection programme and agreed to comply with reporting requirements, as the law requires.

The 1,455-acre DuPont Chambers Works Complex is located along the eastern shore of the Delaware River in Deepwater, New Jersey. The site began industrial activities in 1892. Since then, manufacturing of dyes, freon, tetraethyl lead and chemicals took place at the site.

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