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Efficient fridges reduce German retailer costs

12388914_lGERMANY: More efficient refrigeration and LED lighting helped reduce energy costs in the German retail food industry by 5% in 2015.

According to the EHI Retail Institute’s Energy Monitor 2015 survey, the energy cost per square metre of retail space in the food trade currently amount to just over €58, compared to €32 in the non-food sector.

Across both sectors, 68% of retailers surveyed indicated that their energy costs were lower compared to the previous year. Along with a decline in energy prices, a switch to LED lighting, the use of energy efficient refrigeration, the addition of glass doors to refrigerated display cabinets in food retail and optimised control of HVAC systems were identified as reasons for the reduced costs.

LED lighting was top of the investment priorities amongst food retailers – all of those interviewed identifying it as the main focus of investment in 2015. Over 80% of retailers identified modern refrigeration technology as a priority and 45% in refrigerator doors. 36% of food and one-third of non-food traders classified investments in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems (heat pumps in particular) as particularly relevant.

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