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Emerson develops CO2 info tool

Emerson-CO2-Info-toolUSA: Emerson Climate Technologies is to launch a web-based information tool to assist customers moving to CO2 refrigeration systems.

The new tool, which allows customers to easily access information related to Emerson’s CO2­ products, will be launched at this week’s ATMOsphere America event in Chicago.

Based on a user’s selection of geographic region and product category, a listing of relevant components and accessories is displayed. In addition, important product-specific information is listed. Due to the low critical point and high operating pressures of CO2 systems, components are required to meet specific pressure ratings to account for these characteristics. The information provided by the CO2 Information Tool will assist customers in further evaluating components to meet their system needs.

“We see CO2-based refrigeration systems quickly becoming a leading option for retailers seeking to meet environmental and energy targets,” said Andre Patenaude, director, CO2 business development, Emerson Climate Technologies.

“As a component manufacturer providing complete CO2 system components in one place, from scroll and semi-hermetic CO2 compressor technology to onboard diagnostics, electronic expansion valves and CO2 high-pressure controllers, Emerson feels this information tool will be a critical piece in helping customers research and choose the best components for a CO2 application.”

Patenaude will present a paper on subcritical compressors designed for optimised use in NH3 and CO2 refrigeration systems on Thursday, June 16.

ATMOsphere America takes place on June 16 and 17 at The Westin Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

The new CO2 tool can be found here.

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