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EPEE extends HFC Outlook project

BELGIUM: EPEE is to continue its collaboration with UN Environment in supporting developing countries to achieve the HFC phase-down.

Last year, EPEE, Gluckman Consulting and UN Environment worked together on HFC Outlook, a modelling tool based on EPEE’s Gapometer.

Following the successful completion of the first pilot of the project for Bahrain and Kuwait, EPEE says it will continue the collaboration to include seven new countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dominican Republic, Gabon, Guatemala, Honduras, Mali and Senegal.

The HFC Outlook model aims to build realistic scenarios for the use of HFCs in conjunction with the phase-out of HCFCs, primarily over the next decade, for different types of uses and applications. It goes into the detail of each market sub-sector in terms of collecting historical data for the bank of equipment over the last 20 years, building estimates of consumption and drawing scenarios for technology selection over the next 10 years. The process of building the comprehensive HFC Outlook model required rigorous data collection and validation at country level and a significant amount of software development.

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