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Eurovent offers reports online

1446284298FRANCE: Refrigeration and air conditioning certification body Eurovent Certita Certification is now offering downloadable product performance reports.

The product performance reports, in pdf format, provide detailed performance figures and values such as cooling/heating capacity, COP, EER and sound power levels.

Eurovent Certification certifies the performance of air conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards. It offers manufacturers the opportunity to compete on equal terms by providing comparable data and gives end users confidence that equipment will operate in accordance with the design specifications.

“Our commitment in adding value along the renewable energy decision chain goes one step further and extends to installers, household buyers or contractors for whom we are implementing on-line tools to support them at every stage of their projects, from the quotation to the filing for local incentives or tax rebates,” the company says in a statement.

Visitors to can select the product of interest and simply click on the PDF icon in the Model column on the left to download the performance report.

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