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Eurovent plans further certifications

FRANCE: Eurovent Certita Certification is launching new certification programmes for air curtains and liquid-to-liquid plate heat exchangers.

Eurovent certification programmes create a common set of criteria for the rating of products and provide an independent guarantee that the products submitted have been accurately rated. It allows consultants, specifiers and users to select products with the assurance that the catalogue data are both accurate and comparable.

The liquid-to-liquid plate heat exchangers certification programme is intended to cover HVACR applications such as brazed plate heat exchangers, fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers or gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers.

The air curtain programme will cover all types technologies for tertiary use.

The mission of the lauching committee is to establish the specific requirements and rules and prepare all relevant reference documents and guidance on the choice of laboratory/test agency/audit agency when applicable.

Relevant manufacturers are invited to participate in the launching committees, For further information telephone +33 (0)1 7544 7171.

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