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Ferrandi heads Eurovent polyvalent group

New chairman Alberto Ferrandi (left) and vice-chairman Francesco Di Giovanni

BELGIUM: Alberto Ferrandi, product manager at Swegon has been elected chairman of Eurovent’s Polyvalent Units Task Force group.  

He will be supported by the newly elected vice-chairman Francesco Di Giovanni, senior product manager at Daikin Applied Europe.

Also known as 4-pipe simultaneous heating, cooling and heat recovery units, polyvalent units are subjected EU regulations 813/2013 below 400kW and 2016/2281 above 400kW which penalise polyvalent units not fully accounting heat recovery benefits. The Task Force is composed of participants of the Eurovent Air Conditioners and Liquid Chilling Packages and Heat Pumps product groups.

“After many years of working with polyvalent units I really believe that they can play an important role in the reduction of the carbon footprint of HVAC industry but need to be officially recognised their real values and credits with a clear indication of the advantages that this type of unit could offer,” Ferrandi said.

“The current efficiency index conceived for heat pumps and chillers are not representative of polyvalent units,” added Francesco Di Giovanni. “As industry experts we are in the unique position to provide our knowledge to define a proper energy efficiency index for this technology.”

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