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France 20% below F-gas limit

FRANCE: Consumption of HFCs in France last year was 20% below the limit allowed by the F-gas regulations, according to a new report by the industry association SNEFCCA.

While the 2018-2020 period imposed a maximum consumption of 63% of refrigerants in tonnes of CO2 equivalent compared to the baseline, France’s average consumption was just 43%.

According to SNEFCCA, the french association of refrigeration and air conditioning companies, this was achieved by good practices in the choice of appropriate solutions and its recovery and reclamation practices. 

“This voluntary and responsible approach, in the form of a circular economy, initiated in the early 1990s, has made it possible to avoid the emission of 45 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 15 years,” SNEFCCA says on its website. 

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