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French honour for Trane chillers

Trophy winners: product design engineer Marie Tallotte, Yves Raimbault, and director of environmental and government affairs at Trane in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, Laurent Legin

FRANCE: Trane’s Sintesis eXcellent air-cooled chiller range has won a special sustainable development award from the Departmental Council of the Vosges region in France.

The award ceremony is organised annually by the council to reward environmentally responsible and ecological initiatives. A jury composed of elected council members and representatives of non-government organisations awarded Trane in the Enterprise category.

The Sintesis eXcellent range is part of the Ingersoll Rand EcoWise portfolio of products designed to lower their environmental impact with next-generation, low-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and high-efficiency operation.

“We are honoured to receive this recognition,” said Yves Raimbault, engineering leader at Trane. “Making sustainability core to your business doesn’t happen overnight. The challenge is determining the best way to approach it and truly making it a part of your business.”

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