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Guide to EU ventilation regulations

BELGIUM: Eurovent and EVIA have published their first joint guidance document on Ecodesign requirements for ventilation units.

The publication is intended to contribute to a better understanding of EU Regulations 1253/2014 and 1254/2014 on ventilation units. It is said to provide for a more uniform and coherent implementation of these legislations across different sectors and product groups.

The document is described as the first one of its kind and is said to represent the views of a vast majority of manufacturers of ventilation units in Europe and the Middle East.

It aims to provide answers to the many questions the market still has concerning EU Regulations 1253/2014 and 1254/2014, and following the December release of the final draft FAQs by the European Commission.

The EVIA/Eurovent Guidance Document is now available to download at the websites of Eurovent and EVIA. It is not a static document and aims to incorporate additional questions and answers over time. A second edition is expected to be published mid-2016.

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