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Hussmann forms CO2 alliance

LMP HussmannUSA: Refrigeration equipment manufacturers Hussmann and Systemes LMP of Quebec, Canada, have created an alliance to provide customised solutions for CO2 transcritical systems. 

LMP has built a reputation in Canada as a leader in the field of refrigeration by manufacturing energy-efficient and reliable cooling modules and heat recovery systems. The plan is that, together, the two companies will expand the reach of their products to a broader audience.

“We are very excited about our alliance with Hussmann,” said LMP president Gaetan Lesage. “As major grocery food retailers look for ways to achieve their environmental goals, there has been increasing interest in CO₂ transcritical systems as one of the methods that can help them achieve those goals. Our modules solely use R744 and are the only natural refrigerant-based systems that can be applied across various climates as well.”

As a major retail refrigeration equipment manufacturer and supplier, Hussmann is aware of the growing interest in CO2. “It is very important that we understand what drives decisions made by our customers when it comes to their refrigeration footprint in the front and back of their retail stores,” said Michael Higgins, senior VP, marketing, strategic planning and business development.

“This alliance with LMP provides us with the opportunity to add one more solution to our refrigeration system portfolio so that we can offer all of our customers the right product based on the goals and objectives established for their business. We look forward to working together to deliver innovative R744 solutions when appropriate for our customers.”

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