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IIR backs Euro fridge projects

IIR-logoFRANCE: The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is providing backing for Cryohub and SuperSmart, two new EU-funded refrigeration projects.

Cryohub is researching cryogenic energy storage (CES) to examine if cooling facilities in food processing plants could be used to store renewable energy. The idea is to store energy through air liquefaction and restore it when necessary, in order to meet the cooling and heating requirements, particularly in refrigerated warehouses. It could also supply electricity back to the grid. Led by London South Bank University, the three-and-a-half-year projects was in receipt of a €7m EU grant last year.

Supersmart is a three-year project exploring how the energy consumption of supermarkets could be reduced with better practices through education and information, as well as by using energy resources in a different manner.

The IIR has agreed to take part in disseminating the outcomes of these research works, by sharing its expertise in terms of publications, conferences and workshops.

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