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Johnson Controls plant 100% wind-powered

USA: The 120,000m2 Johnson Controls HVAC manufacturing plant in Wichita, Kansas, is now powered by 100% wind energy.

The plant manufactures residential heating and air conditioning equipment for the York, Luxaire, Coleman and Champion brands. With this switch to renewable energy, the plant’s electricity is offset by zero carbon electricity, which represents 19% of Johnson Controls US manufacturing electricity consumption.

The plant is receiving its wind energy from Evergy’s Soldier Creek Wind Farm, a 300MW wind farm in Nemaha County, Kansas, that was completed in November 2020. The energy cost savings projections from the wind power agreement are expected to be approximately $2.7m over the life of the 20-year contract. In addition, Johnson Controls will be installing improved capacitor banks to more efficiently consume the plant’s wind energy. This will lower the plant’s energy consumption by nearly 5%, equalling an additional energy savings of $3m over the next 20 years.

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