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Large-scale heat pumps in focus

BELGIUM: The European Heat Pump Association has published a free-to-download report on large heat pump applications in Europe.

While buildings and processes are large scale users of heating and cooling, the EHPA argues that, far too often, these are still considered separate and consequently provided by two different appliances.

Heat pumps are best known as a residential product, but in industrial applications they have huge potential in the efficient use of energy, while providing a significant benefit towards emission reduction and air quality. As well as using renewable energy from the air, water or ground, industrial-sized heat pumps can also use waste energy from buildings and processes to provide heating and cooling.

Heat pumps are considered large if they exceed capacities of 100kW, with the largest units providing 35MW in a single machine. Fifteen projects are highlighted in the new brochure, all showing how heat pumps can be efficient and effective in large projects.

The brochure can be viewed and downloaded here.


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