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Low GWP option for low temp R23

GERMANY: An environmental test chamber manufacturer has announced the development of a lower GWP alternative for R23, a specialist refrigerant used in low temperature refrigeration.

The solution from Weiss Technik, named WT69, comes after seven years of research in cooperation with Dresden University of Technology. Its GWP of 1357 is a marked improvement on R23 with its GWP of 14,800.

The new refrigerant is said to have the same properties as R23 and is non-flammable and non-toxic. The Cooling Post believes that it has been submitted for ASHRAE classification.

WT69 is said to be appropriate for use in deep-freeze applications reaching temperatures as low as -70°C (-94°F). It fulfils all the requirements for refrigerants in environmental simulation systems and is also a more climate-friendly alternative to R23 in large refrigeration plants in the chemical industry or for blood banks. 

The refrigerant has been tested in Weiss Technik’s own test chambers. This has included 100,000 hours of testing over the past three years in more than 20 system configurations. 

The company has not responded to questions from the Cooling Post, but we believe the refrigerant to be a blend of R32, R125 and CO2 in relatively equal proportions.

The company expects to be offering WT69 in its products by the end of this year.

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