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Low GWP units in Topten efficiencies

Daikin's Ururu Sarara 7 running on R32
Daikin’s Ururu Sarara 7 running on R32

SWITZERLAND: The efficiency of the new R32 refrigerant in the new Ururu Sarara 7 has helped Daikin to the top of the air conditioning efficiency charts.

The 5kW Ururu Sarara running on the new R410A alternative R32 has been named as the most efficient mono split amongst 4-6kW units in the new European Topten list. Daikin’s 2.5kW unit is, however, beaten into second place in the under 4kW category by Samsung’s AR09HSSDAWKX/ AR09HSSDAWKNEU combination. The third Daikin R32 units, the 3.5kW RXZ35N/FTXZ35N is placed fifth amongst the under 4kW units.

Topten is an independent international programme to create a dynamic benchmark for the most energy efficient products. Topten claims to be neutral, rigorous and transparent in that there is no influence from manufacturers or retailers. Apart from consumer information, Topten aims at providing policy recommendations based on its overview on the high efficiency product market.

The latest air conditioner lists on show that the efficiency of these products has improved impressively. Eight models have reached the top class A+++/A+++ for both cooling and heating. The new A+++ label has been in place since January 2013. Since then a seasonal efficiency is applied for air conditioners – no longer discouraging efficient part load running.

The Samsung 2.5kW AR09HSSDAWKX/AR09HSSDAWKNEU tops the under 4kW category with its cooling SEER of 10.1. Daikin’s 2.5kW Ururu Sarara RXZ25N/FTXZ25N achieved an SEER of 9.5 but beat the Samsung unit on heating SCOP, returning 5.9 against Samsung’s 5.1.

In the 4-6kW capacity category, Daikin’s 5kW Ururu Sarara is the only unit to boast a A+++/A+++ efficiency. It was followed home by Mitsubishi Electric’s A++/A++ wall mounted, mono-split MUZ-EF42VE/MSZ-EF42VE(W/B/S) outdoor/indoor combination. In fact Mitsubishi Electric units took five out of the top six positions.

Amongst 6-8kW monosplits, the Daikin Roundflow cassette and ceiling suspended Sky Air FHQ71C and RZQG71L8V1/RZQG71L8Y1 outdoor units tied for top spot with Samsung’s wall-mounted AR24HSSDBWKNEU and AR24HSSDBWKX outdoor split with an SEER of 7.

Daikin takes five of the top six places with its Roundflow cassette amongst mono splits over 8kW, the party only broken up by Samsung’s AC100FB4FEH/EU cassette and respective outdoor unit.

The lists can be found here.

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