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Lu-Ve renews ties with Milan university

ITALY: Lu-Ve has extended its research and development collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan, Politecnico di Milano, for a further three years.

The collaboration, which has been in effect since the foundation of Lu-Ve in 1986, has led to the development of several successful products over the years.

“We have relationships with 22 universities in 13 countries, but our bond with the Polytechnic University of Milan is really special,” said Iginio Liberali, president of Lu-Ve, one of Europe’s leading refrigeration and air conditioning heat exchanger manufacturers. 

“We have been working together on research and design for 30 years. Thanks to this collaboration we have created and patented several outstanding products. The Polytechnic University also represents a reserve of brain-power: many students who prepared their theses with us have then gone on to work for Lu-Ve, covering important roles in the laboratories, the technical department and also in sales.”

Professor Fabio Inzoli, director of the Polytechnic’s Department of Energy, revealed that the long relationship between the two organisations benefitted from the polytechnic’s expertise in the thermal and fluid dynamic design of heat exchangers combined with Lu-Ve’s technological competence.

“Thanks to our joint research and the use of innovative design technologies for the sector, such as the use of CFD codes, it has been possible to propose solutions which have revolutionised the market,” he said. These have included products with low environmental impact, reduced energy consumption and high heat transfer efficiency.

Lu-Ve’s recently launched Emeritus condenser is the latest result of the collaboration with the Polytechnic University.

Lu-Ve says that the renewed agreement covers theoretical and experimental research in the area of heat transfer equipment: calculation methodologies for design, methodologies for energy saving, exchanger performance improvement and the thermodynamic design of new products, through the use of new refrigerants.

The person responsible in the Milanese university for carrying out the programme is Matteo Carmelo Romano, who will collaborate with Lu-Ve’s Stefano Filippini, who was once a student at the Polytechnic.

“Last year we patented Emeritus, the latest in our series of condensers, developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University. We named it in honour of Emeritus Professor Ennio Macchi, who since 1986 has actively participated in the development of our products,” said Iginio Liberali.

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