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MEP raises concerns over F-gas enforcement

EUROPE: A Portuguese MEP has raised a question with the European parliament over industry concerns on the implementation of the F-gas regulation and a lack of monitoring and enforcement.

In a written question, Euro MP João Ferreira says that SMEs in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sectors have expressed concerns regarding the implementation and impact of the F-gas regulations (517/2014) owing to the lack of monitoring and enforcement of its implementation and compliance. 

“Effective monitoring of emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases is essential for the achievement of emission reduction targets and for the assessment of the impact of the implemented measures,” the MEP states.

Issues raised by SMEs include the enforcement and monitoring of certification of companies and individuals, the sale of equipment without certification and illegal refrigerants.

Ferreira asks for the Commission’s assessment of the situation, in particular with regard to the inspection and monitoring of transactions involving F-gases, equipment sales and their installation.

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