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Meyer joins Bitzer management

Helmut Meyer, Bitzer’s chief sales and marketing officer

GERMANY: Helmut Meyer, managing director of Bitzer’s Finnish subsidiary Lumikko Technologies has been appointed Bitzer’s chief sales and marketing officer.

His appointment is part of a restructuring of Bitzer’s management team following the departure of chief financial officer Christian Wahlers. Peter Schaufler will continue to manage the overall company as chief executive officer. Chief procurement officer Jürgen Kleiner, who is currently responsible for global purchasing, will extend his duties to include finance and control. Chief production officer Christian Wehrle will be responsible for production and IT, HR and organisation departments and chief technology officer Rainer Große-Kracht will head development and technology.

“We’re delighted that Helmut Meyer has joined the Bitzer management team,” said Peter Schaufler. “He’s an old hand when it comes to sales. He’s worked in the Bitzer sales team for over 13 years and helped to build our sales system in South and Central America.”

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