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More compressors optimised for low GWP gases

BITZER_Recips_2-stage_FIN_optGERMANY: Bitzer has optimised its two-stage reciprocating compressors to operate with the lower GWP refrigerants R448A and R449A and thermostatic expansion valves.

Early last year the German compressor manufacturer announced approvals for the use of the two refrigerants in its Ecoline and HSK/HSN-series semi-hermetic compressors. Now this has been extended to include its two-stage compressors.

Bitter says its tests have shown that the technically improved compressors can be run perfectly with the two refrigerants – both with and without a liquid subcooler. The application areas are practically identical to those of another lower GWP alternative, R407F. In addition, Bitzer has fitted every model in its semi-hermetic two-stage compressor series with thermostatic expansion valves.

With GWPs below 1400, R448A and R449A are seen as more acceptable alternatives to R404A, a common commercial refrigeration refrigerant with a GWP of 3922. The EU F-gas regulation prohibits the use of R404A beyond 2020 in stationary areas.

Chemours’ R449A is a blend of R32, R125, R1234yf and R134a, it has a GWP of 1397 and carries a non-flammable and non-toxic A1 safety classification.

R448A is Honeywell’s non-flammable, non-toxic A1 refrigerant to replace R404A, sold under the trade name Solstice N40. It uses the same components as R449A with the addition of a small amount of R1234ze(E). GWP  is 1386.

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