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MoU links Europe and Latin America

BELGIUM/COLOMBIA: Eurovent and the Federation of Ibero-American Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Associations (FAIAR) have signed an MoU, seeking greater harmonisation and stronger ties between Europe and Latin America.

Under the agreement, the two organisations will collaborate on standards development, codes of good practice and networking events, among others. Eurovent and FAIAR will have their first high-level co-ordination meeting later this year to identify concrete opportunities for joint action.

“In order to raise and harmonise industry standards worldwide, Eurovent aims to strengthen its international partnerships with like-minded associations,” Eurovent president Raul Corredera Haener revealed. “FAIAR has proven to be such a partner and we look forward to working together with our colleagues from Latin America much more closely in the future to bring new opportunities to our industry.”

Odete de Almeida, President of FAIAR, added: “To achieve FAIAR objectives, we understand the importance of integration of related associations of any territorial scope, in order to provide mutual collaboration and exchange experiences in the professional field, which benefit the partners.”

Eurovent and FAIAR agreed to work together to promote energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable HVACR technologies based on common principles.

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