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NASRC to raise public awareness of refrigerants issue

USA: The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) has launched Naturally Cool to raise the public’s awareness of the impact of refrigerants.

The California-based group, a non-profit organisation working to advance “natural” refrigerants, argues that the average person has no idea what “refrigerant management” means, despite the global impact and importance of the topic.

NASRC says Naturally Cool is designed to bring the impact of refrigerants into the public spotlight and drive broad support for climate-friendly refrigerants. 

While NASRC acknowledges that NASRC has secured widespread support from supermarket industry stakeholders over the past three years, it says it needs to think and act bigger by leveraging broader support and awareness from the general public.

The group has already created a Naturally Cool forum on Linkedin and is looking for volunteers to contribute through activities such as media relations, content creation, speaking opportunities and marketing.

NASRC says its first project will be to develop an educational video to raise awareness about natural refrigerants and expand support for the industry. 

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