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Natural refrigerants business in China

Shecco-China-GuideBELGIUM: More than 200 companies working with “natural” refrigerants in China are listed in a new business directory from Shecco.

Guide+ Directory of Natural Refrigerant Businesses in China follows Shecco’s previous publication on the state of the natural refrigerants industry in China.

The new Directory profiles 201 companies in China using natural refrigerants in their businesses, providing information on their organisation type, which refrigerants they use or provide, as well as which application sizes they work with and all their relevant contact details.

“The natural refrigerants market is a global one and we are now seeing more multinational collaboration than ever before,” commented Shecco’s deputy md Nina Masson. “With more than 200 companies listed in this directory, we are certain that businesses all around the world can take advantage of the burgeoning natural refrigerant market in China.”

“China is one of the fastest growing markets for the HVAC&R industry, both in terms of using and producing solutions avoiding the use of fluorinated gases. Launching our first Business Directory for the dynamic natural refrigerant market made therefore perfect sense,” she added.

“GUIDE+ Directory of Natural Refrigerant Businesses in China 2015” is available from the Shecco website.

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