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Naturals dominate in HCFC replacement list

29872703_sCHINA: Just one HFC is included in a draft list of refrigerants recommended by the Chinese government for the replacement of HCFCs.

The list of 12 gases, produced by China’s Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection, come in response to China’s obligations under the Montreal Protocol. It is said to be designed to raise public awareness and promote alternative technologies in the phase-out of R22 and the foam-blowing and solvents R141b and R142b.

R32, deemed suitable for use in unitary air conditioners, heat pumps and condensing units, is the only HFC refrigerant in the list. The other alternatives in the list are the “naturals” – propane, isobutane, CO2 and ammonia for a range of applications from room air conditioners to industrial refrigeration.

The draft list is out for public comment until June 30.

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