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Newsletter returns “astonishing” results

Campaign Overview | MailChimpThe interest created by the weekly Cooling Post newsletter, is reflected in latest figures that confirm it is thrashing newsletter readership statistics with click rates at 10x the industry average.

The Cooling Post newsletter was launched just 15 weeks ago to provide a weekly round-up of news, activities and comment in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry and supports the Cooling Post website.

According to latest figures from MailChimp, one of the largest newsletter service providers, newsletters are opened on average by 34.7% of recipients. The Cooling Post is currently achieving open rates nearly double that average at 65.2%.

More important is what is termed the click rate, ie the number of recipients who actually interact with the the newsletter by clicking on a link. The newsletter average is just 3.24%. The Cooling Post is currently registering a massive click rate of 44.15% – well over 10x the average.

It is also thrashing competitors in its own media and publishing sector. Here the average open rate is just 30.9% and the click rate is only marginally better than the overall average at 4.4%.

“These figures are astonishing and an extremely gratifying achievement that reflects the amount of work we have put in to make this happen,” commented Cooling Post editor Neil Everitt.

“We took the decision to grow our subscriber list organically rather than take the easy route of buying in email lists of people with potentially little or no interest in the subject matter. While our subscriber list could best be described currently as “small and select” it is growing on a daily basis. We would like to thank every one of them for their continued interest.”

The Cooling Post newsletter is currently emailed on a Thursday. You can subscribe from the home page or by filling in this form.

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