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Oscar-winner DiCaprio backs Bluon’s R458A

USA: Oscar-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio has become an investor and board advisor to Bluon Energy, the US developer of lower GWP refrigerant R458A.

Marketed as Bluon TdX 20, and designed as a replacement for R22, R404A, and R507A refrigerants in existing equipment, this blend of R32, 125, 134a, 227ea and 236fa was SNAP-listed for use in the US last year. Non-ozone-depleting, non-fammable and non-toxic, R458A has a GWP of 1,650, just slightly lower than R22.

In addition to DiCaprio, who will also serve as a strategic advisor to the Bluon board, other newly-announced investors include technology developer Bionatus LLC and Greg Ellis of Anaheim-based mechanical contractors Control Air Conditioning Corporation.

“Having high-calibre investors and advisors join us in our growth is extremely exciting,” said Peter Capuciati, founder and chairman of Bluon Energy. “These partnerships are central to helping businesses, facility owners and ultimately home owners everywhere understand the enormous savings and environmental benefit they can achieve with our refrigerant and approach. We are also pleased to welcome Leo to our team, as his efforts to make a difference in fighting climate change and bringing awareness to potential solutions are very much in line with our mission.”

“Electricity generation is a primary driver of carbon emissions, and it is contributing greatly to our planet’s growing climate crisis,” said Leonardo DiCaprio. “We need to work across all sectors of our consumption to ensure the development of energy-efficient products that will help reduce emissions. Bluon is at the forefront of tackling energy efficiency in our existing heating and air conditioning infrastructure which makes their approach an immediate part of the solution.”

In addition to new investors, Bluon announced today that they are joining the New Energy Opportunities (NEO) Network, a collaborative online platform managed by Schneider Electric that will connect Bluon with commercial and industrial companies actively looking for energy efficiency and sustainability solutions.

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