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Panasonic to launch Aquarea heat pump on propane

GERMANY: Panasonic is set to launch a new Aquarea air-to-water heat pump employing propane refrigerant.

The propane model, the Aquarea L, is one of two new models to be introduced from next spring. The other, the Aquarea K, will use R32.

The new models are said to be focused on improving energy performance, with the redesigned construction of both outdoor units being hermetically sealed for a high level of safety. In addition, the K series retains a refrigerant link between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit, while the L model features a hydraulic link.

The new Aquarea L series is designed to maximise the properties of R290 refrigerant, allowing a water outlet temperature up to 75°C even at -10°C outdoors. According to Panasonic, this makes it particularly suitable for renovation and collective applications where a high temperature is required for radiators.

Both generations are said to benefit from a reduced noise level of up to -8dB(A) on previous models. They also offer higher levels of performance, boasting an improved SCOP of up to 5.12. 

Focusing on improving installer and user experience, the latest generations will come with a new remote control supplied as standard, which features intuitive navigation for ease of use. There is also an optional second remote control available for two-zone systems.

The systems will also have the ability for smart control and energy consumption monitoring. 

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