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Petra welcomes King Abdullah

King Abdullah tours the Petra factory © The Royal Hashemite Court

JORDAN: Petra Engineering, the leading Jordanian hvacr manufacturer, recently played host to the King of Jordan, King Abdullah II.

During the visit, King Abdullah was briefed on the latest technology and production techniques used by the company in its plants, which manufacture equipment for export to over 50 countries.

The King was introduced to a photo gallery that included the history and development of the company and its products, and listened to the explanation by the director of the company Osama Hussein, who outlined its goals and future plans concerning the expansion of its investments to include new areas of work.

His Majesty then toured in the company’s factories, which included a sheet metal factory and an automated paint line, and listened to a brief explanation about the factory.

With headquarters in the capitol Amman, Petra Engineering Industries was founded in 1987. It has recently embarked on an expansion programme to build a 200,000m² facility at Mafraq, Jordan, and a 30,000m² plant in Saudi Arabia.

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