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Portugal places limits on air conditioning temperatures

PORTUGAL: Limiting air conditioning temperatures, controlling chillers and AHUs and placing doors on chiller/freezer cabinets are amongst a range of measures and recommendations being implemented by the Portuguese government.

The government’s Energy Saving Plan 2022-2023 published yesterday seeks temperature adjustment of air conditioning equipment to a maximum of 18°C in winter and a minimum of 25°C in summer. 

Air conditioned or heated spaces with direct entrance to the street must maintain closed doors and windows, with air conditioning systems turned off during unoccupied periods. 

The document sets out measures for public, central and local administration and recommendations for the private sector, including industry, commerce and services, and the general public. 

Most of the measures are recommendations but the government says the plan will be monitored and may evolve into mandatory measures.

It also recommends regulation of commercial and industrial refrigeration temperatures in accordance with uses and food safety levels, and the placement of doors or curtains on freezer cabinets.

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