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R22 cylinders being used in bombs in Syria

Screen-Shot-2015-03-24-at-19.50.29SYRIA: Refrigerant cylinders are allegedly being used as bombs in the civil war in Syria.

Rebels have accused government forces of using refrigerant cylinders either as the contents of barrel bombs, or as the barrel bombs themselves.

A barrel bomb is an improvised explosive device made from a barrel or cylinder filled with high explosives and shrapnel, oil or chemicals, and then dropped from a helicopter or airplane. Due to their poor accuracy and indiscriminate use in populated civilian areas, critics have characterised them as weapons of terror and illegal under international conventions.

An unexploded barrel bomb, allegedly dropped in an attack on Aleppo, yesterday, was found to contain at least one canister of R22, according to the video below from

Last year, the remnants of another cylinder of R22 was allegedly found amongst the remnants of a barrel bomb by the rebel Free Syrian Army:

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