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R466A has close performance to R410A

GERMANY: Solstice N41, Honeywell’s new non-flammable lower GWP refrigerant, is said to have performance characteristics close to R410A.

Remaining tight-lipped until now, Honeywell is expected to reveal more about the new blend, dubbed R466A by ASHRAE, at this week’s Chillventa exhibition in Nuremberg.

Honeywell’s announcement in June that it had formulated a lower GWP replacement, non-flammable replacement for R410A created enormous interest. With a European, and soon worldwide, phase down on HFCs, high GWP refrigerants like R410A are under pressure. While R32 has been taken up as the interim alternative for R410A in smaller splits, its flammability makes it unsuitable for use in VRF systems.

Despite Honeywell’s secrecy, the Cooling Post exclusively revealed that the new refrigerant was a blend of R32 (49%) and R125 (11.5%) with the fire suppressant CF3I, also known as trifluoroiodomethane. The Cooling Post also estimated the blend’s GWP to be around 733.

In presentations at this week’s Chillventa, Honeywell will claim that Solstice N41, in addition to having a GWP that is just 35% of R410A, has the same efficiency and capacity.

The outlet temperature of Solstice N41 is also said to be lower than R32 and close to R410A. It’s similar mass flow rate to R410A, and consequently similar pressure drop, avoids potentially higher heat exchanger design costs.

While Honeywell will claim Solstice N41 can be used with the same size and design of compressors and heat exchangers, there is still speculation as to how much of a “drop-in” replacement it will be. Reports suggest that its use in existing systems would require an all-new  condensing unit.

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