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Remote assistance a hit with Panasonic

UK: Twelve months on from its introduction, Panasonic has reported improved customer service efficiency following the introduction of remote work assistance technology for engineers.

The company reports that its IFS Remote Assistance solution has improved initial response times, increased remote diagnostic and fault resolution and achieved a higher customer satisfaction level. 

The remote assistance solution has been introduced to its HVACR support teams throughout Europe, enabling product experts to provide hands-on service and repair instructions to engineers in the field.

Panasonic insists that as the appreciation for the benefits the technology has grown, the need for on-site visits has decreased, reducing the environmental impact on travel and improving the customer’s overall experience.

When a customer contacts the Panasonic Service Department, an online video session, either by PC or mobile device, is initiated and this primary function is used to help determine the root cause of the issue. As the remote connection is compatible with all devices, the connection needed does not require any bespoke software to be downloaded. This provides Panasonic’s response team the chance to connect to the site directly to share videos and see the issues presented to determine the best course of action for the customer. 

This remote access first approach is said to have helped to focus activities where they are needed and provides the Panasonic Service Team with the resources to help their customers efficiently and without the need for excess travel.

Richard Bishop, Head of Marketing for Panasonic UK and Ireland explains: “With this new approach, we are now able to provide the same level of technical advice as previously, but we are now doing it remotely. This means that the costs are reduced, travel is reduced and it’s much more efficient. 

The tool is seen to have other benefits, for example in on-site training, especially when engineers are unable to physically attend a Panasonic training centre. 

While the system has been deployed across Europe, Germany, Italy and the UK are said to have taken particular interest in its ability as an easy-to-use tool for sharing videos, audio and text data from live projects on site. Not only can these high-quality videos and other sources be used as evidence for reporting the service issue, but they have also proved very useful when providing training to customers, who may not have the technical knowledge of that of an HVACR engineer and need the extra support when dealing with a difficult on-site issue.

It is also thought that this remote assistance resource may also make it possible to expand the future use of the tool to also provide on-site commissioning support for the installers, reducing the need to attend the site at all.

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