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Roller expands further to meet demand

GERMANY: Just a year after expanding air cooler production at its Gerlingen site, Roller has opened another assembly hall to keep pace with current and future demand.

The new 1,200m2 Plant lll increases Roller’s total production area to 10,000m2.

In March 2021, Roller announced the expansion of its production area by over 800m2 to meet high demand for heat exchangers and air coolers and to be able to serve the short delivery times for commercial air coolers demanded by wholesalers and customers. To achieve this, three additional assembly lines for the DLK, HVS and FKN compact evaporator series were installed. 

The addition of another assembly hall allows Roller to relocate certain series and provide more room in the main factory for the further expansion of automation of heat exchanger production and products with a high component diversity and greater assembly effort. 

“No one would have expected the demand for refrigeration technology to recover so quickly after the corona lockdown and that we would also have to deal with such a shortage of components,” explained MD Wolfgang Krenn. “We are very glad that we made this investment decision despite the uncertain situation during the Corona Lockdown 2020 and are pleased that we will be able to offer our customers better delivery times than many of our competitors in the future as well.”

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