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Shecco to survey naturals in China

Shecco naturals surveyBELGIUM: Shecco, the Brussels-based natural refrigerant market development company is to conduct a survey into the use of naturals in China.

The bilingual survey conducted in collaboration with the China Association of Refrigeration (CAR) will collect data from hvacr industry experts, manufacturers, end users, contractors and associations.

The survey will look at a number of aspects of the use of natural refrigerants in China including the impact of R290 (propane) air conditioner production, the role of ammonia in the rapidly growing Chinese cold chain and whether major end-users and system suppliers see CO2 as an economically viable refrigerant for the commercial refrigeration sector?

To answer these questions Shecco and CAR have developed a survey to collect information on the existing market, and market potential, in different applications, of CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water and air as refrigerants.

 Topics covered in the Chinese survey will include current and future  market share of different natural refrigerants, key motivations and obstacles to the use of natural refrigerants, their potential in different applications in different sectors, perspectives on r&d activities, the policy climate for natural refrigerants and actions needed to encourage the growth of natural refrigerants market

 The results of the survey will be jointly published by Shecco and CAR in the GUIDE China 2014: Natural Refrigerants – Market Trends & Potential in China, is due to be published before the end of the year.

To take the survey, follow this link.



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