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Systemair first to new Eurovent standard

Systemair’s SAVE VTC 200 is now Eurovent-listed

SWEDEN: Systemair is the first manufacturer to have products certified under the new Eurovent programme for residential air handling units (RAHU).

The RAHU certification programme applies to mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation units used in single dwelling as defined in EN13141-7:2010. This means units with any type of heat recovery systems (including extract air/outdoor air heat pumps) and with a maximum flow rate as defined in RS 15/C/001 as not exceeding 1000m³/h or is between 250 and 1000m³/h. A number of tests are carried out including pressure/flow, efficiency, sound levels and energy consumption.

“As manufacturer it is of highest importance that our customers can trust that our products perform what we promise they will, and the Eurovent certification can further ensure this,” commented Tobias Sagström, Systemair’s residential product manager.

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