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Thermal management system increases electric vehicle range

GERMANY: Automotive component supplier Brose is presenting an integrated thermal management system, which increases the efficiency of electric vehicles, at next month’s International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich.

The system actively controls the heat exchange between the outside air, the AC system, battery and other components.

The system is optionally equipped with an hermetically separated refrigerant circuit. It is delivered pre-filled and maintenance-free by Brose, which eliminates the need to handle potentially hazardous refrigerant at the vehicle manufacturers’s assembly line or in the shop. 

The compressors are currently using R1234yf, but versions are available to use either CO2 or propane.

Unlike vehicles with internal combustion engines, the cooling fan is mainly active when electric cars are stationary. It keeps the battery at the right temperature while it charges. Brose developed a radial fan for the new thermal management system in which the air flows to the side.  In addition to making the operation much more efficient, this design is said to make it run quieter than conventional systems.

The system is said to be capable of extending the range of electric vehicles by up to 15%, adding up to 60km to a basic range of 400km. 

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