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UK leads in online training

35928306_sEUROPE: A new survey amongst European hvac installers reveals large differences in the types and levels of training being undertaken.

The survey amongst 1,200 HVAC installation companies in six European countries (UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Poland) by Rotterdam-based USP Marketing Consultancy BV suggests that training is highest amongst Germany installers and that the majority of installers rely very heavily on equipment manufacturers’ training.

Showing large differences across the six European states, the survey reveals that while around 98% of German installers attend regular training sessions, only 68% of Dutch installers attend training.

The survey compilers admit that participation in training depends on several factors, like budget, time, practical necessity etc. For instance, in Germany, compared to the other countries, training is often completely free of charge. Also the level of education at schools and the extent to which installers receive on-the-job training all affect the amount of external training that is required.

Most of the training installers receive is from manufacturers, followed by training from professional organisations. Online training has the lowest take-up. The UK is the exception where 19% indicated some participation in online training. The European Mechanical Installation Monitor survey offers no explanation for this except that online training may be more readily available in the UK.


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