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US industry calls for support to phase down HFCs

USA: Air conditioning and refrigeration industry representatives have urged the US Congress to support the phase down of HFC refrigerants.

In a letter to the leadership of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, 32 members of the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) and the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy, has called for support for proposed federal legislation to establish a national structure for the phase-down of HFCs.

“We believe legislative action will provide regulatory certainty for US businesses, and secure a position of strength for American companies,” the groups write, claiming that it will create jobs and stimulate further investment in the US economy. 

The letter notes that US companies that produce and use fluorocarbons “have been preparing for a transition from HFCs for more than a decade, investing billions in R&D to be the first to bring to market next generation fluorocarbon products and equipment”. It expresses concern that, while American companies have led the world in fluorocarbon technology development, that leadership is “jeopardised” by the lack of a federal policy for HFCs. 

It also warns that US inaction would leave the market open to “foreign competitors” to fill the technology void and displace American companies in a global fluorocarbon market expected to reach $1 trillion in size. 

“Federal legislation phasing-down HFCs represents a chance to put America first, and to keep American workers at the forefront of this important global industry,” the letter states, noting that, “A recent industry economic study showed that a new federal standard for the phase-down of HFCs would create 33,000 new US manufacturing jobs, add $12.5bn per year to the US economy, and expand US exports in this sector by 25%. Failure to do so will cost US businesses and jobs.”

In addition to refrigerant manufacturers and suppliers Chemours, Honeywell, A-Gas, Arkema, National and AGC, companies signing the document include a number of global manufacturers such as Danfoss, Daikin, Carrier, Hussmann, Emerson, Johnson Controls and Lennox.

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