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Viessmann to debut nano-warehousing solution

GERMANY: Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions is to present its nano fulfilment centre with integrated refrigeration solution at the forthcoming EuroShop exhibition in Dusseldorf.

The storage solution, co-developed with Munich-based Noyes Technologies, was first announced last year.

NoyesStorage is claimed to be the first fully-automated and highly flexible warehouse for small storage areas from 10m2. Compact and modular, the nano fulfilment centre is said to allow easy integration into food retailers’ existing stores, logistics hubs or external locations. The nano-storage enables automation of the smallest warehouse areas whilst increasing transparency in inventory, storage capacity and throughput. 

The interplay of the robots inside the automated storage with the NoyesBrain enables order picking based on the product information stored inside the cloud. This leads to an improved, fast, and efficient order picking process allowing food retailers to handle online orders without disturbing their customers inside the stores.  

“By working together with Viessmann, we can now offer the unique possibility of integrating refrigerated goods in just a few hours without having to rebuild the entire system. This helps retailers to save costs and increases sustainability,” said Noyes CEO and co-founder Marco Prueglmeier. 

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