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Hecoclima R290 chillers and heat pumps

ITALY: The new Hecoclima ProSeries of air and water source heat pumps and chillers are using R290 (propane) to deliver exceptional performance.  

The ProSeries includes ProChill, the propane chiller, 2Pro, a 2-pipe heat pump (reversible or not), and 4Pro, a 4-pipe multipurpose unit.

All employ 4 or 6 cylinder semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors with inverter capacity control and oil management and monitoring. Suction accumulators are included on all machines. 

The heat exchangers are perfectly compatible with R290 refrigerant. The chillers employ microchannel batteries, painted with epoxy powders, with very low internal volume to minimise the refrigerant charge, and with high heat exchange performances to maximise efficiency. The The reversible heat pump chillers and multi-purpose units have finned coils with internally lined copper pipes and aluminium fins with hydrophilic treatment. Special treatments are available for corrosive atmospheres.

All fans are EC fans, with options for high static pressure and even ducted if needed. Each unit is available with low-speed fans and compressor sound insulation kit for installation in noise-sensitive areas. Adaptive noise control allows the fan speed to be driven down (if performance will allow) to ensure a machine stays below a predetermined sound level.

The compressor cabinet includes a leak sensor and extraction fan to guarantee maximum safety of the system. All safety valve outlets are conveyed to a single pipe, and the user can easily connect it to a safe ejection point.


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