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26 Dec 2023

Emicon adds propane brine chiller

ITALY: The Emicon RAS MC VB Kp propane brine chiller for medium temperature refrigeration applications offers cooling capacities from 31kW to 250kW….

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25 Dec 2023

MHI adds R32 monobloc heat pumps to European range

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has added the new Hydrolution EZY series to its lineup of air-to-water heat pumps for the European market. …

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23 Dec 2023

Huge refrigerant removal operation continues at US nuclear plant

USA: An amount of refrigerant with a CO2 equivalence virtually equal to half of Europe’s entire 2023 F-gas allowance continues to be removed from a former US uranium enrichment plant. …

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19 Dec 2023

Enex introduces 140bar CO2 gas coolers

ITALY: A new range of flat gas coolers from Enex Technologies for CO2 transcritical systems has a pressure rating of 140bar….

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14 Dec 2023

GEA to supply ammonia plant to UK’s highest cold store

UK/GERMANY: GEA is to supply a two-stage ammonia refrigeration system and 32 air coolers for the UK’s tallest cold store under construction in Easton, near Grantham, Lincolnshire….

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13 Dec 2023

Fan retrofit promises energy savings

GERMANY: Practising what it preaches, fan manufacturer EBM‑Papst is retrofitting the ventilation systems at its 10 German facilities with its latest energy saving EC fans. …

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12 Dec 2023

400-ton heat pump extends York CYK range

USA: Johnson Controls has re-engineered its York CYK water-to-water compound centrifugal heat pump in a smaller, higher efficiency 400-ton capacity for the North American market….

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10 Dec 2023

Alfa Lu-Ve extends air cooler options

ITALY: Alfa Lu-Ve has added two new units to its range of cubic light industrial air coolers….

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Swegon to supply heat pumps for Finnish DH network

SWEDEN/FINLAND: Swegon is to supply 40 air-to-water heat pumps for Finnish energy company Fortum’s district heating network in Kolabacken, Kirkkonummi and Hepokorpi in Espoo, Finland….

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7 Dec 2023

Sanhua introduces R290 TEV

SPAIN: Sanhua has introduced a new series thermostatic expansion valve designed and optimised for use with propane (R290)….

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