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3-in-1 cooling for advanced data centre

ITALY: A system offering free cooling, adiabatic cooling and DX technologies in one unit is providing cooling to a TIER III type hyperscale data centre located near Madrid.

Italian manufacturer HiRef supplied 16 of its DataBatic HDB0204 units for a total power of 2MW. Each DataBatic uses three different operating modes to meet the thermal demand of the server room: in cold climate conditions, the unit can operate exclusively by using indirect air free-cooling; as the external temperature increases, when free-cooling alone is no longer able to fully cover thermal load requirements, the unit uses the adiabatic cooling system based on the air flow coming from the outside; when adiabatic cooling is no longer enough, a direct expansion mechanical system steps in to meet 100% of the load requirements.

This results in an extended working range even in more temperate climates – or in any case, in thermal conditions not suitable for free-cooling systems – with a positive impact on operating costs.

In addition, to avoid any hot spots, the system has been equipped with HiNode, a HiRef software for integrated system control that is said to maximise cooling effectiveness by ensuring even distribution throughout the area. 

In the Spanish data centre, HiNode analyses the load trend, calculates the optimal setpoint and manages the machines to achieve maximum efficiency. HiRef has also included in the system an integrated dual power supply with an automatic quick restart kit for emergency situations.

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