Airedale chillers sent to the Tower


UK: Airedale International has provided comfort cooling to the Tower of London, one of Britain’s most important historic buildings. 

As part of a major refurbishment project, Airedale was selected by principal contractor, EV Bullen, to supply two 237kW Ultima air-cooled, twin circuit compact chillers.

The unique nature of the building’s design and fabric required Airedale to reduce the footprint of each chiller by 75mm so that it could be moved into position through existing structural openings without damaging the building’s structure. Reducing the dimensions of the chillers allowed fully assembled, fully tested units to be delivered to site, cutting time and cost in assembly and commissioning, and ensuring a smooth transition to the new cooling plant.

To maximise energy efficiency, four stages of cooling are available, enabling the units to closely match cooling demand and so minimise energy consumption. Modulating head pressure control also ensures energy efficient operation of the condenser fans whilst protecting the system in low ambient conditions. Units are designed to ensure easy access to components, simplifying maintenance.

To maintain acceptable sound levels, the compressor enclosure is lined with 40mm acoustic material. To ensure performance to precise specifications, the units were commissioned on-site by Airedale engineers who also provided training.

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