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All hail the Christmas jumper!


UK: Refrigeration and air conditioning companies from across the country took a rest from being cool today by supporting Christmas Jumper Day.

The annual event raises millions of pounds for charity by encouraging members of staff to wear a Christmas-themed sweater to the office.

The UK refrigeration and air conditioning industry refused to blow hot and cold over its support for the Save the Children charity.

The top photo shows the widespread support achieved at Leeds-based manufacturer Airedale International.

Not to be outdone amongst the manufacturers, commercial refrigeration equipment company Williams took the early morning air to cool down


Hampshire-based chiller company ICS Cool Energy ignored being cool for the day….


…while staff at Aspen Pumps and sister company Big Foot carried on without dropping a stitch.


Contractor Ultra Refrigeration offered a multitude of patterns…..


…….while Weatherite offered a striking two-piece


The winner, however, must be Steve Benton of refrigeration consultancy and training company Cool Concerns. He wins, not just for how ridiculous his garment is, but for the quite obvious pride with which he wears it


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